My First Blog Post (+ Meeting the Teenage Checklist)

Fashion Emergency

My nail just broke. I’m in the aeroplane. Please tell me there’s a nail spa here. Is this an ill-omen? I mean, I know I should be sleeping right now instead of being productive. Well, here’s a great start to my first blog… I’m a fifteen-year-old brown girl whose shopping list and budget just do not see eye to eye. Oh, and I believe in the fact that the reason behind every sunrise is my inevitable agitation. Yup. I cracked it. Now, teenage stereotypes; where do I begin?

The Teenage Checklist

What makes a teenage girl nowadays? A generalisation would be her phone, more specifically social media and good Wi-Fi, workout, hair, skin care and make up routines, coffee, beauty sleep, trips to the spa and most importantly, shopping.

Meeting that Checklist

As a fifteen-year-old, existing in the twenty-first century without a phone seemed pretty tough at first. It still is. I mean, how else am I supposed to kill time at family gatherings? Socialise? Yeah… no. I’ll stick to avoiding eye contact and perfecting my awkward smile. So, the phone part of the checklist is pretty much overrated in my case. As for my fitness, I try making a workout routine for myself every month, and want to know something? Chocolates, Netflix and lazy Sundays are the devil’s incarnations. How about we half-tick that? Moving on to hair, skin and make up, I’ve reached that stage in life where hair and face masks, hydration and natural make up looks are things that I cannot live without. Just like pimples cannot live without me *insert a very sarcastic eye roll*. Basically, pimples come naturally to me, just like lethargy does too, which is why me being productive right now and even starting a blog is quite the surprise.

Now, being a brown girl, Starbucks is really not my thing (not that I’m being stereotypical because to each their own); I’m more of a Gloria Jean’s addict. Coffee only makes me sleepier, to be honest, so if I ever want to stay up, I’m not going for a coffee, instead, it’ll be a good old rock/metal/indie playlist. Now, as you may have guessed, my sleep is one of my priorities, yet I just cannot seem to get enough of it. I don’t know how this works but all I know is that at night, I can’t sleep and in the mornings, I can’t wake up. Where’s the logic in this?

Oh well, I think that sums up a good portion of my life. Lastly, shopping and going to spas. I’m probably one of the craziest shopaholics ever, which is an understatement, and my mother would second that because I have absolutely no self-restraint. If I see something I like, I need it. I don’t care if it’s a cute leash for a dog I don’t even have or a cream I’ll never use in fear of it running out. As for the spa, let’s just say that manicures, pedicures and facials have shaped me into a very spoilt and impatient child. Before people start thinking I’m some brat, I’m not that bad! I do believe in budgeting myself but gosh, it’s so difficult; I promise I’m trying though!

It’s a wonder how my parents still have hope in the fact that one day I’ll grow up into a very responsible first child. That’s never happening.

My Blog

Don’t worry, this blog won’t just be me droning on about my life, I plan on sharing quite a few tips, tricks and hacks here and there because if there’s one thing I know about being a teenage girl, it’s that I need shortcuts everywhere; whether it’s a quicker way of getting rid of bloating or curing acne. Here’s to my first blog! Of course, I’m always open to ideas and suggestions; if there was a manual to life, I’d subscribe, wouldn’t you?

A Note from 18-year-old Me

Looking back at this blog post 3 years later, I realise that I sound pretty spoilt and slightly stereotypical… even sexist. I understand that 15-year-old me had this mindset growing up in a brown household without much exposure to the internet, and because I appreciate my growth and change in mindset, I will not be changing the content above in any way. I’m at a bit of a crossroads though because I don’t know whether I should smile fondly at my naivety or grimace—I think I’ll be doing both.

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