How To Glow Up in Summer/Achieve a Summer Transformation

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I just had a huge cup of coffee and let’s just say that I feel like I could jump out of my skin right now. It’s 11 am. It’s too early for this.

Define ‘Summer Transformation’

A summer transformation does not always mean getting that hourglass figure- it’s more about a positive change from within, which ends up reflecting on your outer-self. Depending on your goal, a summer transformation could mean many things, whether it’s losing a couple of pounds or being more productive. This summer transformation plan was designed according to my own routines and does not have to be followed strictly, but if you do make a summer transformation plan, stick. to. it. There’s no such thing as a ’14-day-diet’; if you want a change, make it your lifestyle- temporary changes lead to temporary results. Be realistic. Here’s a sample summer transformation plan that I can guarantee will make you feel much better about yourself.

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Write everything down.

The first step in my summer transformation plan includes de-cluttering my life and making it more organized. Every day (there are no exceptions), I force myself to write down my goals for the day- It doesn’t matter if the list has no more than 2 bullet points. At the end of the day, it’s my responsibility to get those things done; it could be getting the groceries or just having a glass of milk. I would encourage this to be done first thing in the morning and even right before going to bed. See How To be More Productive (with and without Spending Money).

Understand your body clock.

By understanding your body clock, I do not mean wake up at 3 pm in the afternoon just because you’re tired- I mean create a routine for yourself which suits your lifestyle and does not make you feel like you want to kick a stray dog for being a mile near you. Sleeping early is vital. Force yourself to go to sleep at maximum 10 pm and turn off your gadget(s). It’s difficult at first but you have got to ask yourself, do you really want this summer transformation or not? Sleeping early means that you’ll get up earlier and won’t feel as lethargic as usual. Now, according to my body clock, if I sleep early, I wake up at approximately 4 am every day. It’s hardly ever a minute or two ahead. Sure, there are days where I can’t pull myself out of bed and accidentally snooze into 1 pm, but I cannot let that get in the way of my routine. Sleep early, wake up early and then, you can thank me.

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Plan out your meals.

This is extremely important, especially if you want to start eating healthier or lose weight. You do not have to be extremely strict with yourself, especially if you’re just a fifteen-year-old like me but you cannot allow yourself to be tempted by anything. I force myself to have at least one egg and one slice of bread every morning for breakfast and another heavy item; it could be leftover rice and chicken or a bowl of soup. When people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, do not just listen to that, apply it to your life. Having a heavy breakfast not only gives you energy to cope with the morning, but it also makes you feel less hungrier for a considerable portion of the day; feeling less hungrier means lesser snacking (which isn’t always healthy), which means not consuming extra and unnecessary calories. Apart from that, I make sure that no matter what meals I’ll have for the rest of the day, I’ll have at least one portion of fruits or vegetables and a glass of milk.

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Junk food is not a mood.

Do not eat in accordance with your emotions. That is the worst thing you could do to your health. Junk food is not cool, it’s slowly killing your body. Forget candies completely. Of course that is one of the most difficult tasks, for me at least, but once again, if you’re not willing to go through that difficult temptation, forget your summer transformation. The whole point of you transforming yourself is getting off of that couch and breaking your bad habits. Junk food is only an extra, toxic burden on your body. Stop torturing yourself with that. Obviously everyone has cravings, so find an alternative. I love chocolates, so instead of having a jar of Nutella, I help myself to chocolate chip granola bars or simply a bar of dark chocolate once a week. Restrain yourself and you’ll be grateful later on.

Hydrate yourself.

Water is everything. Forget about (store-bought) juices, fizzy drinks and literally everything else unhealthy. Everyone talks about how water is important and that you should drink more, which could not be truer. At first, even I didn’t really give it much though but I’m glad I convinced myself to listen to everyone. Having water 30 minutes before eating reduces hunger, which stops you from over-eating. Also, having water first thing in the morning helps the digestive system start working on a lighter note and good hydration leads to clearer and brighter skin. Make it your goal to have at least three 750ml bottles of water in a day; do not gulp it all down at once, but after every 30 minutes or an hour. There are apps that you can download that remind you to have your daily intake of water. My personal favourite is ‘Plant nanny’.

Create a workout routine.

Just because you do not need to lose weight, does not mean that you should avoid exercising. Being active is important in fighting off lethargy, boosting your self-esteem, avoiding muscle waste and even gaining weight if that is your goal. Get in touch with a trainer or just search up a routine for yourself on YouTube. See 8-Week Workout Plan (Guaranteed Results) for a sample workout routine. Of course, be careful not to exert your body too much if it isn’t used to it; start your first day with just 20 minutes of walking but make sure that you exercise one way or another. Doing it first thing after breakfast usually makes me feel more prepared for the day but it’s up to you to fit it into your daily schedule.

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Meditation works wonders when it comes to clearing your mind and making you more positive from within. It does not have to be more than 3 minutes of your day, but sit down, maybe turn the lights off or play some light music, and close your eyes. Breathe in and breathe out slowly and think of everything that’s on your mind. Start off by breathing in every hectic thing bothering you and slowly breathe it out. You could even add some yoga to stretch out your muscles.

A new look.

Who said summer transformations couldn’t be fun? Pamper yourself for a day; this does not mean completely ignore your responsibilities, but take out some time to change your look a bit. You could get a different haircut or apply fake nails, maybe get your hair dyed, whatever suits you. See How To Glow Up in 24-Hours at Home. Remember, you do not have to go out of your comfort zone but if you do, you’ll feel much better once you get used to it. Think of it as a newer, different version of you. See 5 Glam Spring/Summer Outfit Ideas for Teenage Girls This really helps make me feel more confident. I don’t always have to spend money on acrylics; sometimes, I just take a long bath, apply homemade face and hair masks, apply a nail colour and voila. It feels great! See How To do a Manicure at Home.

Say no to make up.

If makeup is a part of your daily life like mine, it’s time for a change. Reduce your dependence on make up to only fancy functions or outings. Sure, if you really want to apply makeup, go ahead, but keep it to a minimum. See my 2019-2020 Makeup Favourites Your skin will thank you. If you do a lot of makeup, cleansing at the end of the day cannot be ignored. Your pores need to be cleaned out or else clogged pores will only lead to break-outs or wrinkly skin.


Well, that’s it for my plan! You can always alter your plan according to your own likes and dislikes, but remember, you won’t achieve a transformation if you don’t push yourself; leaving your comfort zone isn’t always bad. If you’re looking for more tips, you could always ask. See 25+ Life Hacks Every Teenage Girl Should Know. Your summer transformation plan could simply include lesser screen time, more trips to the restroom (which is one of the best ways to get rid of the toxins in your body; force yourself to go every 90 minutes, believe me, it helps) or sticking to a cleansing routine to get clearer skin. Good luck! Here’s to, hopefully, a great summer!

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