How To be More Productive (with and without Spending Money)

Before getting to business

You know what’s funny? It’s 2:39 am and I’m chomping on fries from a KFC home delivery while everyone’s asleep. I cannot believe I’m writing this right now. Oh well, I’m still being productive, aren’t I? Today, I spent 14 hours of my day sleeping and I’m still tired, which is why it’s no surprise that I’m in the mood for writing this blog. Though, it is the first day of Winter Break, so I think I deserved that ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ card because Grade 11 is *high-pitched demonic screaming* exhausting, to say the least.

Does productivity mean getting out of the house or spending money?

For those of you wanting to stick to a certain budget or just can’t seem to get out of the house, no, productivity doesn’t always mean that. Here, you’ll find a list of how to be productive both, inside and outside your home as well as with and without spending money. I just spent half an hour trying to look up tips on how to be productive and believe me, the only question I had regarding all of that was *cough* how am i supposed to be productive as a 15-year-old on a budget without going out? The answer? I’m still trying to figure that out. So, I decided to do a little brainstorming of my own and figured that the least I could do was list down actually manageable tasks to make myself more productive. *drum roll*

The List

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Wake up early

*Cue my crying* To all those, including myself, who think that people who define themselves as morning birds are simply aliens from another universe, it’s true, they are. I had to put this right at the top because even though waking up so early in the morning can be considered as blasphemous for some, it’s the perfect way to ensure a productive morning. Start your day off early with a couple (hundred) alarms to wake you up and then, freshen up. You’ll be able to get so much work done while everyone (sane) is asleep and that way, you’ll be able to spend time with your family, friends or yourself (dedicating time for yourself is important) for the rest of the day without feeling like a failure. *awkward smile*

Have a healthy breakfast for a change

If any of you reading this are related to me or know me, you should stop laughing now, I get it, I’m the worst person to be giving this advice. Mother, I can see you rolling your eyes at the irony here. For the rest of you, basically, me having breakfast is like me being productive – rare. However, I’m sure you’re all familiar with this; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Fry an egg or have a few fruits but make sure to have your breakfast. This way (apart from having a good energy source for the rest of the day), while you’re half asleep and stuffing food down your throat, you’ll get time to think of what you want to do for the rest of the day, which brings us to the next point.

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Make a To-Do List

Sit down and start writing what you need to to do for the day or for the week; whether it’s getting the groceries, taking a shower, meeting up with colleagues or family etc. By doing this, you’ll know exactly what needs to get done within the day or week and you’ll be able to efficiently allocate time in order to get everything done without facing problems later on.

Make a homemade face mask

This is a great way to feel fresh in the morning, seriously. Look up a homemade face mask that you can make and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. It really doesn’t take too much time, so stop procrastinating and get working. Not only will your skin thank you for the rest of the week, you can use this time to use your social media to stay updated or meditate to get your day started with a peaceful state of mind.

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Clean your room + Other chores

I’m the type of person that’ll delay cleaning their room for weeks and when the time comes, cleaning up would mean throwing my clothes in the back of the cupboard and putting everything I don’t need under the bed. So, if you decide to clean up your room or prepare a few meals for the day etc, you’ll get three benefits out of them; Firstly, you’ll have lesser pending chores, secondly, you’ll feel more accomplished and thirdly, it’ll be a productive way of spending your time.

Take a look at your pending work

Now, go over anything you’ve been delaying or any work that’s due (apart from your chores). This could mean, for example, office work or school work. If all your work is complete, then try doing something extra (read over a new chapter etc.) and have fun outsmarting the know-it-all later on.

Exercise + Make a routine

Working out is a great way of staying healthy and being more positive (something to do with positive energy being released, search it up). You’ll feel fresher after a good walk or a fitness challenge and if you decide to make a routine for yourself, you’ll feel a much healthier change in your body. See my 8-Week Workout Plan (Guaranteed Results)

Start a blog

This is my way of being more productive. You could start vlogging or blogging or keeping a journal, which can be looked back to. These give you exposure and in the future, can be a great achievement if you’re interviewing for a college application etc.

Write a story or do something creative

This is another way of being productive; brush up on your writing skills or try doing some art work to spend your time with a more fun element to it.

Try out some recipes

I’m not exactly the biggest fan of going into the kitchen but it’s another great way of being productive if you want to experiment something new!

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Subscribe to an online course

You could search up free courses online or pay for whichever ones you like; there are a lot of websites (my personal favourite would be Coursera), which provide a lot of subjects/topics that you can choose from. If you choose to invest in getting a certificate at the end of your course, not only will you have gained experience, it’s an additional achievement that can be used in the future.

Read a book

Buy or read a book that you’ve been wanting to for a while or ask a friend for a good recommendation. Reading is the best thing you can do for your ambitious mind, so try out a new genre or re-read something you enjoyed!

Learn something new

Develop a new skill. You could try drawing or painting or learning how to use chopsticks or how to perfect putting on henna. This way, you’ll have fun knowing there’s something you’re skilled with.

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Start up a group Community Service project

This is for those who can manage to do so. This is an amazing achievement to add to your CV and can be done by getting a few friends together and doing stuff like preparing food for the less fortunate or helping around the neighbourhood with chores etc. You may need adult supervision or help for this if you’re not as independent as you’d like to be *points to my basic-brown-girl– self with stereotypical over-protective parents*.


That is it, ladies and gentlemen, for this blog. Thank goodness. I’m absolutely exhausted; it’s 3:12 am. So much for waking up early tomorrow then. Goodnig- *cough* morning!

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