Restaurant Review: Veera 5

First Thoughts

When I first heard that we were going to Veera 5 for lunch, I didn’t want to. It sounded like some shady, corner restaurant with bad lighting, even though I had never been there or heard of it. When we reached, from the outside, it looked cute and I realised that we were going to be served Thai and Chinese. Again, that put me off because frankly, I wasn’t really in the mood for Thai or Chinese. I guess I had judged the place too soon and too harshly, which could be an understatement. *coughs in embarrassment*

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Reality > Expectations

When we went inside, I was taken aback by the aesthetic ambiance and of course, where there’s Ed Sheeran playing in the background, things just can’t go wrong. Ritually, I started off with a soup, which ended up being Thai clear soup, and I have absolutely no words for; it was the best Thai clear soup I had ever had and I am not exaggerating; the rice was slightly crunchy (which is a good thing, just by the way), it was the perfect kind of sour and as close to a classic as it could be. The serving seemed a bit too much for one person, which was obviously perfect because there’s no such thing as too much soup. Though, the waiter had asked us to order carefully because the servings were going to be large. Good service? Check. My family and I ordered honey wings and spring rolls as appetizers and the main course consisted of chicken and beef chilli dry with sticky rice (my favourite) and chow-mein. The food was delectable! Any self-restrain I had must have jumped out the window because I definitely didn’t hold back on the seconds and thirds. This was totally one of the best Thai/Chinese restaurants in Lahore.

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  1. Bia

    When I read the title, I thought it was going to be a movie review!

    You tomato soup lover, you!

    • well that’s actually a nice idea, I could definitely post movie reviews but oh well, I’ve got to focus on my turkey blogss because I’ve been postponing them for so longg. P.s. tomato soup is just the best!

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