2020 Trip to Turkey: Introduction

Introduction (because my English teacher taught me so)

Basically, going to Turkey was the best thing I had ever done in the whole sixteen years of my life. In other words, it was simply magical. I’m no stranger to travelling but my family and I never strayed from the middle-east and South Asia because my younger siblings had not been old enough to travel long distances yet. So, when we travelled to Turkey, it was a completely new experience for me and I adored it.

The Travelling

Now, we had applied for our Turkey visa (my parents, my siblings and I) during the winter break but due to the Christmas/New Year’s holidays, the visa got delayed. We had already done ninety-nine percent of our packing and we were just waiting for the visa to arrive at that point. Fast forward: winter break finished and the first day of the second term at school arrived (Monday, 6th January). It was a pretty simple day and since I wasn’t really used to waking up so early (winter break definitely spoiled me), by the afternoon, I just couldn’t wait to go home and sleep but the second I reached home, my mom was running around telling all of us to finish our packing because we had to leave for Islamabad (from Lahore) if we wanted to catch our flight on time. It was insane. All I remember is hastily finishing my last minute packing, which included makeup, jewellery etc. and within an hour of reaching home, we left for the Motorway.

In approximately five hours, we reached the Islamabad International Airport, and oh my gosh, I was so impressed with its infrastructure because Pakistan is a developing country and only recently had we started seeing modern industrial touches here and there.

We had a wait of around three hours at the airport and then we had a two-and-a-half hour flight to Dubai, where we had (I think) a six/seven-hour stay at the airport until we finally, boarded the flight that would take us to *Drum roll* ISTANBUL (which was another four-hour long flight but never mind that)! Exhausting but memorable. 

The Trip

Our trip lasted a total of nine days, starting from the 7th of January when my family and I landed in Istanbul to the 15th. From the 15th of January to the 20th, we had a short stay in Dubai. Take a look at the series below if you want to read more about my trip.

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  1. Shahbano Zafar

    The travel bit, between cities and countries in itself was quite adventurous! I’m sure the trip was just as great, since you were off to a wonderful start !

    • A

      It was!! Everything was so spontaneous, which I absolutely loved

  2. Naya

    ‘Introduction (because my English teacher taught me so)’ HAHAHAHA

    • A

      haha you’re welcome! and thank you 🙂 Be sure to check out the rest of the series

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