Restaurant Review: MariBelle


The following blog may destroy any fictional beliefs you may have- if you believe in Barbie, you should probably eat out at this place but do not read any further.

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The Rating

If Barbie was real, believe me, this would be her go-to Restaurant. Literally everything was pink, from the flowers arranged on the wall to the burger buns (which some people found very strange but I loved the idea)!  The food tasted very good; I had ordered a bowl of tomato soup as a starter (shocker) and a Moroccan Chicken Steak for the main course. Their presentation was delightful, however I was just slightly put off by the service because despite the food being served and arrived on time, I think it took me at least 3 reminders after practically finishing my food to get the drink I ordered. Overall, it was a new experience and regardless of any minute discouraging factors, I enjoyed the lunch with my cousins! I’d rate MariBelle an 8/10.

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