How To Prepare for Class Picture Day

The Emergency

I was today-years-old when I found out that tomorrow is my Class Picture Day; my hair’s greasy, my skin’s as clear as any other teenager that does not drink enough water and basically, I am not ready to have another cringe-worthy picture taken for my yearbook. I mean, should I crimp my hair? Should I curl it? Should I straighten it? And that’s just the hair- what about the rest of my appearance?

Calming Down

So, being the angel that I am *cheeky expression*, I decided to write a blogpost about the dilemma that I’m stuck in. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any blog posts that could help me out, which is why I’m writing one myself. Hopefully, this doesn’t leave me any more confused and indecisive than I already am *awkwardly contemplates about whether to worry or not*.

The Steps

(a) Hair

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Depending on your mood or what you think suits you the best or in my case, questioning a billion people, you should come to a conclusion about how you’re going to style your hair. If you’re like me, it’ll probably take a couple (hundred) hours. Styling your hair is pretty important because it can either make you look like the well-maintained person you pretend to be or it can visually establish the blood-relation you have with your brothers (I am most definitely not referring to myself right now). Here are a few ideas for your hairstyle:

  1. Loosely/Tightly curled
  2. Crimped
  3. Straightened 
  4. Blow-dried
  5. Braided (there are literally like a million hairstyles that fall into this category)
  6. Bun-ed 
  7. High ponytail-ed
  8. Simply brushed
  9. Or just add hair accessories to the mix (for example: a hairband or a bandana)

(b) Outfit

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Fortunately, this is not going to be a problem for me because if it was, my room would be unrecognizable while the contents of my wardrobes would’ve mysteriously spilled out. We’re expected to come in our proper uniform, which should be the case for most schools but if you’re allowed to come in coloured clothes, do not fret, I’m here to save you. Now, you could always take advice from a friend, swap clothes with people you know, buy clothes if you’re really that desperate (if you are, it’s alright, we’ve all been through that) or (and this is one of the favourite ideas) you could take help from apps that are specifically designed to choose the perfect outfit for you! The linked site is a page that I found a while ago and I used to obsessed with Polyvore (discontinued) and ShopLook.

(c) Face

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‘To be or not to be’ is most definitely not the question; I think ‘to make up or not to make up’ would be more relevant. Since this isn’t exactly a prom or a farewell party, make up really won’t be a huge problem because it honestly isn’t a must. However, if you’re more towards the not-photogenic side like me, I think a tad bit wouldn’t hurt. Be sure to keep your make up light and easy on the face because after all, it is just a class picture and you really don’t want to stand out that much.

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The points mentioned above are simply my own opinions and preferences and do not need to be strictly followed because to each, their own. P.s. I still do not know what I’m going to do with my hair *insert face-palm*

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