Corona Virus–A Blessing or a Curse?

Taking the current situation of the world into consideration, I’m sure I don’t need to give an introduction about what COVID-19 is. The whole world’s under a lock-down, businesses don’t seem to be having the most profitable days, travelling’s been banned, schools are shutting down, people are getting sick, there have been a lot of casualties and just chaos, chaos, chaos and more chaos.

Now, there’s one side of the population that is as paranoid as can be, where people fear that the world’s coming to an end and that the foreseeable future isn’t getting any better, while another is somehow able to see the light in such a grim situation; let’s look into that. Obviously, those who are still coming to terms with believing in the existence of this virus are simply a lost cause.

The Plus-Points

  1. For the introverts stuck in their shells, this lock-down simply means not having to socialize, which, for a person who resents socializing, wouldn’t really be a problem, right?
  2. Social-distancing also means getting time to yourself; so I guess you can finally wash that pile of clothes that you’ve thrown in the back of your closet or do some self-reflecting.
  3. For those who despise school, being forced to stay out of school couldn’t possibly be considered a punishment.
  4. I guess, starting from now, people will actually think about the food and drinks they ingest, so the uncommon common sense in the human race may just start becoming more common.
  5. People are finally starting to think about their communities and the environment around them, and not just themselves.
  6. The natural environment is starting to improve- the industrial pause has reaped a lot of benefits and one of them being better air quality. However, this will only be temporary if we go back to the way everything used to be once the virus ends.

Well, what do you think? Is the Corona Virus a blessing or a curse, and why?


Obviously, this discussion is just for the sake of making light on our current, dark situation. The Corona Virus is not something that should be taken as a joke because it has led to innumerable deaths and severely damaging consequences. However, it is alright to look at a situation with a more optimistic attitude as long as you’re not endangering yourself or others.

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