2020 Trip to Turkey: Restaurants


Honestly speaking, I’m not usually the type of person that enjoys trying out new tastes (especially when it comes to food) but I guess Turkey changed that. I, of course, won’t be mentioning all the times we stopped at Burger King or McDonald’s or Starbucks, so the following restaurants are going to be places that were completely new to me.

1. Nus-ret

Yes. I went to Nus-ret. Yes, this is that ‘Saltbae place’, well known for its beef steaks. So, of course, the first question I asked the waiter, as a person who only eats chicken and no other meat, was ‘Do you serve anything in chicken?’ Cue the incredulous faces and my brother’s snickers. Basically, this was the first time I had a beef steak willingly and perhaps the only time I’d actually like it. 

2. Fuego Restaurant and Café

This was a pretty small restaurant towards the end of a food street we somehow wandered into. The starter (Pita Bread with Turkish Hot Pepper Paste) was literally heaven in my mouth and gosh, I’m craving it now, while the main courses were not bad.

 3. Fatih Belediyesi Cankurtaran Sosyal Tesisleri 

The only Turkish word I know is merhaba, which means ‘hello’, so I have absolutely no idea what the name of this restaurant means but what I do know with 100% certainty is that the food here was out of this world;  the rice, the chicken steak, the wedges and literally everything we ordered had this local taste that I could not get enough of. Apart from that, the view was insane; the restaurant was by the sea and with the breeze blowing, the ambiance was magical. Probably one of the many places I’d love to visit again.      

Other Food Pictures

@ Big Chefs, The Turkey Airport

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  1. Shahbano Zafar

    Aptly written ! love trying out local food wherever I go , hence the turkish hot pepper paste had me drooling !

    • A

      thank you!! That paste was to die for

  2. Naya

    Uff, your reviews make me feel like trying all of this out!

    • A

      My reviews (and experience) make me wanna have it all again aah!

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