Review: Cue Cinemas

If I was to describe Cue Cinemas in two words, it would be: very underrated. I’ll be honest, my standards when it comes to good infrastructure are pretty high, considering that I’ve lived 10-ish years of my life in Dubai, so stepping into this cinema was like stepping into a completely different world.

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I would jump at the thought of giving this cinema a 10/10 but I was really let down by the salsa! Like, come on, which cinema gets salsa wrong? It’s unbelievable. I was really looking forward to chomping on nachos and salsa but I ended up stuffing a hot dog down my throat, which wasn’t the best either. Maybe this was because we had watched The Call of the Wild at around 11 at night? Not a great excuse though… I guess I’d give the cinema a 9/10.

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  1. Naya

    Ahhh I want to go to the movies with you guys! Maybe by the time I can come (don’t know when overseas flights would be allowed again), cinemas will reopen too..

    • A

      hopefullyy. I really miss going to the movies

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