Chocolate– The Bitter Truth

For all the chocolate-lovers here, I’m sorry for doing this but I need to shed some light on this fact. Apparently, we, humans, are not the only ones who enjoy scarfing down chocolate, cockroaches do too.

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The Facts

According to the FDA, every 100 grams of chocolate is legally allowed to have up to 60 fragments of cockroaches because apparently, it’s not possible to keep them out.

Some even suggest that people with chocolate allergies don’t react to the cocoa in it, but the insect fragments that contaminate the chocolate.

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How Did I Come to Know of this?

It was the 23rd of February (2020) and my family and I were out for dinner because it was my parents’ anniversary when my mother decided to enlighten us with this fact on the table. I was so disgusted that I vouched to never eat chocolate again. Unfortunately, that lasted until the 20th of March, which is still pretty impressive, considering the fact that I literally devour spoonfuls of chocolate like the world’s going to end. Needless to say, it’s 6:38 am, I was craving chocolate and ended up having a couple spoonfuls of Nutella when I thought ‘oh, I should write about this’.

Not sure whether to believe me or not?

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  1. Shahbano Zafar

    I had decided-ly ignored this article(s) about cockroaches ! lol

    • A

      I really had no idea about this until that dinner

  2. anaya sikandar

    thanks for the information!

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