Cooking for the First Time—A Disaster Story

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At approximately 6 am, I decided that I wanted to cook a full-blown meal as a sixteen-year-old who barely enters the kitchen. You can imagine just how well that went.

After assessing the ingredients available in the kitchen (the lockdown made it difficult to go to the grocery store), I arrived at the following meal plan; 16 steaks (welcome to a typical brown, Muslim joint family), mashed potatoes, salad, jalapeno mushroom steak sauce, and a milk cake.

Since this was the first time I actually cooked, I just went with random recipes online—of course, I thoroughly checked them with whatever minimal knowledge I had and ended up choosing ones that seemed the safest. The mashed potatoes were pretty simple to make (click here for the recipe) and the texture at the end reassured me that they’d turned out fine, and the salad was just a dishful of boiled vegetables (carrots, peas, capsicum etc.). As for the sauce, I had originally decided on a black pepper mushroom sauce but after preparing the mushrooms, I realised that I didn’t have all the ingredients for it and so, ended up making a simple jalapeno sauce and threw the mushrooms in.

When it came to the milk cake, I made the mistake of not grinding the sugar beforehand, so when I whisked the batter, I was terrified to see one million sugar crystals. Thankfully, that wasn’t really a problem and they mostly dissolved. This cake was probably the most difficult cake I had ever baked because it took 45 minutes for the top to bake properly until the skin of the cake turned a golden-brown colour but before serving when we flipped the cake (thank God we did), the batter was completely liquid! So, we had to bake the cake again but this time, upside down because the top would’ve burnt otherwise. In the end, we served the cake in slices with tea. (Click here for the recipe)

Last but not least, the steaks… oh no. They were absolutely delicious but they were so salty. I thought that the sweetness of the sauce and the decreased amount of salt in the mashed potatoes would even the taste out but that was just wishful thinking. Long story short, my grandfather, after trying a couple of bites, apologised and had them taken away because they wouldn’t have been good for anyone’s health. Oh well, at least they looked good! *shrugs in embarrassment*.

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  1. sshaikh

    Hello, plz share the recipe of milk cake.would love to try it!

  2. Shahbano Zafar

    like your writing style 🙂

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