2019-2020 Makeup Favourites (+ The Signature Basic Brown Girl Look)

I have one casual makeup look that is always my go-to. If I’m going to some place fancy, I’ll probably just add one or two extra steps but I don’t completely change my look. So, I guess you can say that this is the signature basic brown girl makeup look.

Step 1: Skin prep.

The first thing I do before applying makeup is cleansing my face with a face wash and then moisturising it (lightly) with any lotion I’ve got, which is obviously not scented and is not very oily.

Step 2: Prime it.

Honestly, primers and my skin just don’t go together. My skin often reacts badly to the primers or dry out immediately, even though the primers are meant for drier skin types. However, one primer that I’m obsessed with is the Benefit POREfessional. It’s a great base to start my makeup with and does not weirdly affect my skin. I don’t prime my skin very often because my skin already feels prepped for my makeup look after the first step.

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Step 3: Drop the Base.

My go-to foundation used to be Dior Forever but after using it for (I think) two-ish years, I found it very cake-y. So, I switched to the Maybelline Fit Me liquid foundation and I’ve been using it since. I was recommended leaving foundation completely but personally, that didn’t suit me. However, I have been contemplating switching to CC cream, which I have yet to try. I remember using BB cream two or three years ago but that’s about it.

Step 4: Conceal (don’t feel, don’t let them know)

I used to use the Maybelline MASTER Camo concealer (the top left shade) but I switched to the Maybelline Fit Me concealer after a while because:

liquid concealers >>>

I use concealer on my chin, middle of my forehead (right above my eyebrows), around my eyebrows, my nose and under my eyes. Yes, very basic.

Step 5: The Bronze Age

The Max Factor Bronzing Powder is heaven. I don’t contour, so I use this as a replacement. I used to go ahead and bronze wherever a typical contour goes (the 3-shape around the face and the nose) but recently, I just use it slightly above the hollow of my cheeks because it looks more natural.

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red and pink paint
Photo by Shiny Diamond on Pexels.com

Step 6: Honey, it’s all in the Eyes

I do not use eyeliner or mascara- like, at all- even when I’m going to weddings or fancy parties. The two steps used to be a huge part of my makeup routine before but I like to keep my look very minimal now and mascara destroys your eyelashes. I’m blessed to have naturally long eyelashes but whenever I want to enhance them a bit, I apply a little (very little) bit of my moisturiser on them with my fingers when I’m massaging it into my skin (see step 1).

As for eyeshadow, I usually brush my bronzing powder (from step 5) around the outer corner of my eyelids and leave it at that. If I want to go for a more prominent colour, I use the shade, Secret, from the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill: The Vault- Ring the Alarm palette.

Step 7: Highlight

I hate (strong word) ‘popping highlights’. I absolutely love a subtle glow, which is why I stopped using Huda Beauty’s Pink Sands Edition (powder isn’t as subtle as cream) and resorted to a highlighter cream- I don’t know where my current one is from but I used to use a similar one from NYX (the Illuminating Stick), which was unfortunately stolen. I also like the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops, which look gorgeous in the inner corner of the eyes.

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I only apply highlighter on my cheekbones (so subtle, you probably won’t know it’s there) and a more prominent touch on the inner corner of my eyes (but more towards subtle than loud).

Step 8: You’re Blushing

No makeup look is complete without blush. I love nude pink and orange-pink blushes. Unfortunately, I don’t know where my current one is from but I’ve been obsessing over Glossier’s cloud paint in the shade, Dawn.

Step 9: Lip

I’m all for nude lip colours and have been using Huda Beauty’s liquid matte shade, Bombshell, since it was released. I’ve tried several shades since I started applying makeup- from loud pinks to nudes to reds and I arrived at the following lip. I apply vaseline on my lip (or a little bit of my lotion when I’m lazy), which is followed by the matte colour mentioned above and finally a similar creamy shade. I don’t like really matte colours because they dry out my lips and glossy shades come off easily.

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Step 10: Set. Set. Set.

Finally, I use the Sephora Beauty Amplifier setting spray to set my makeup look. I tend to use a lot because it’s fun (lol) and because I’m not satisfied with the setting after two sprays (I have no idea what to call it). Sometimes, when I want to go for a dewy look, I spray rose water instead.

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