2020 Trip to Turkey: Hotels

We switched up hotels quite often during our stay because my dad wanted us to gain as much experience as possible; so from 5-star hotels to 1-star restaurants, we tried it all. Here are the hotels we stayed at:


This was a cute little hotel (that had quite a few floors) located in the corner of a pretty street, with a park adjacent to it. This was the first hotel we checked in to and we loved it so much that during our last day, we checked in here again. I obviously examined the facilities first and they had a pretty nice gym, an amazing sauna area, an adorable library above their eating area and a Starbucks coffee shop that you could access from inside the hotel. I had a 10/10 experience here. P.S. The breakfast was amazing.


This was a pretty extravagant hotel (which I didn’t mind, haha) and had salons, a huge swimming pool, a spa, a much bigger Starbucks coffee shop, a fancy restaurant at the top and so much more. The rooms here were great but I’ll never forget the bathrooms; they were perfect! I loved the lighting and the mirrors and the bath tub and this was probably the one place where I had the most fun getting ready and putting on makeup.


We took a trip to Bursa without any preparations; some of our bags were left at the Titanic hotel because we didn’t have enough space in the car and we hadn’t even planned just how long we’d stay there. The travel took us from one continent to another by road and the views were breathtaking. When we ended up in Bursa, we were shocked to find that everything was booked because it was the weekend, so we ended up in this little restaurant where the owner recognized our Pakistani background and after a pleasant conversation, called a friend and got a chalet reserved for us.

It seemed like a dream because the chalets were just perfect; they were cute little cottages spread out on the mountain top with snow layered up till our thighs. We had literally just come from a really sunny area and we somehow ended up in snow because of a 3-4 hour drive, cool.


On our way back from Bursa, we decided to stay for a night in the Asian side of Istanbul because we wanted to explore it a bit. So, we checked in at Divan, which was a 5-star hotel (if I’m not wrong) and also had an amazing breakfast (I obviously loved the tomato soup) with a spa, a huge gym and great bathrooms, yay.

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