15 Blog Post Ideas that are Actually Helpful

There are so many posts that say they’ll give you 100 or 50 blog post ideas but 80% of those topics literally fall into the same category; one idea will say ‘write about what’s on your bucket list’ and then, the next will say ‘write about things you want to do in the future’… I mean, I’m asking for blog post ideas, not different ways of wording a blog post title. Sorry, not sorry. Well, here are 15 different ideas that might just help you come up with a new blog post!

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The List

  1. Write a review, for example: on a book you’ve read, a restaurant you went to, a product you tried out etc.
  2. Interview someone and write a post about it.
  3. Share an embarrassing story.
  4. Come up with a conspiracy theory.
  5. Make a list of a few of your bad habits.
  6. Discuss your monthly budget and your expenses.
  7. Try something new and write about it, for example, you could try baking something that you haven’t before.
  8. Write a letter to your future or past-self.
  9. List down your role models and why you look up to them.
  10. Tell your readers about the TV shows you’re binge-watching or any that you recommend.
  11. Make a list of your pet peeves and maybe even share a few anecdotes.
  12. Tell your readers about what’s on your bucket list.
  13. List down your current playlist favorites.
  14. Express your thoughts on a current affair, for example: any elections or the Covid-19 situation.
  15. Create an instruction manual for anything you’re good at, for example: drawing something or a makeup look.

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