My 12 Favourite Disney Characters

Walter Elias Disney (rest in peace) is (not was) the man. I’m a sucker for Disney animations because who isn’t? The following aren’t in any specific order and are all characters from their original animations.

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Belle, Beauty and the Beast

I love every single Disney production and I’m totally boasting when I say that I know the majority of the dialogues because I’ve watched them so many times- I mean just the other day I was watching Moana and ended up watching it for 5 days in a row. So, I can’t really choose a favourite but as a kid, I’ve always enjoyed Beauty and the Beast a lot. Belle’s love for reading has always made her a childhood favourite and oh my gosh, do not get me started on the Beast’s library because that was (and probably still is) my definition of Heaven.

Moana, Moana

*Sings off-key* See the light where the sky meets the sea- IT CALLS ME! Getting over myself and to the point, Moana is everything a girl in the 21st century would want to be like; she’s independent, strong-willed, and has a vision. Her journey, even if it’s an animation and nothing close to reality, is really inspiring because she realises that in darkness, there is light and not every story is about killing or defeating the villain; sometimes all the villain needs is a bit of kindness and understanding. Yes, this was so cheesy, so let’s move on before I start cringing.

Ariel, The Little Mermaid

Fun fact: Ariel was the inspiration behind the first time I got a red-dip dye. Let’s face it, I adore the ‘Creatures of the Night’ and I’m obsessed with vampires but it all started with mermaids- I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid. To be honest, Ariel, as a character, never really stood out for me but her underwater life, entangled with magical journeys was always a mystery I couldn’t get enough of. I still want to become a mermaid, just by the way.

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Sebastian, The Little Mermaid

Who could ever forget this little ray of sunshine? Sebastian is hands-down, the best crab the sea has to offer. His miserable attitude always had me laughing! I remember always singing along to his song, Under the Sea- and I still remember the lyrics! I just adore a good Disney animal sidekick thing (you get it), though I know that Sebastian wasn’t really Ariel’s sidekick but that’s besides the point.

Tiana, The Princess and the Frog

Just a month ago, my sister and I had a Disney classics marathon where we watched up to 4-5 animations in a row- one of them being The Princess and the Frog. Tiana is another strong-willed female character who knows exactly where she stands; despite going through an existential and monetary crisis herself, she didn’t let her confidence waver in front of anyone and made sure that people understood that she wasn’t someone that could so easily be pushed aside or silenced. Sure, Tiana constantly overburdened herself but her attitude towards life is really inspiring because she had a goal- a vision- and she worked hard to achieve it. Click here to see how I made her beignets!

Mushu, Mulan

This is the Chinese dragon who was the sidekick of the main character, Mulan. I’ve always loved this character because I used to be obsessed with dragons and because he was just so adorable! I was (and am) a huge fan of his inner diva too!

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Olaf, Frozen

Did you seriously think that I’d write this list without Olaf? His sense of humour totally represents mine and if there’s any character on this list that’s a ray of sunshine, it’s him. Who doesn’t adore Olaf? His character encapsulates the inner child everyone has and he’s just the ideal symbol of innocence (me to me: we get it, you take Literature in English *rolls eyes*). Honestly, Frozen 2 made me really emotional only because of Olaf’s worries regarding growing up- I mean, what happened to my child? Why is he growing up so soon?

Timon, The Lion King

Honestly, Timon is just that character who’s both, one of the main roles and the odd-one-out that gets pushed aside sometimes, who just grows on you. He’s totally everything I’d want in a best friend (yes this is my subtle way of telling my friends that they need to start taking notes).

Tigger, Winnie the Pooh

I’ve always loved Tigger! I literally used to watch Winnie the Pooh only because of Tigger; he’s funny, cute, always excited, cool, and just hands-down awesome. Tigger is here on my list and he is here to stay.

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Baloo, The Jungle Book

I like how Baloo is this soft and lazy character, who’s always eating (basically me) but the second his friends are in danger, he becomes a force to be reckoned with. I find Baloo very down-to-earth and it’s hilarious how he shrugs off Bagheera’s constant worrying and overthinking, which brings us to the next character on the list.

Bagheera. The Jungle Book

At this point, we all get it, Bagheera may try to act like this dark, stealthy character but he’s a total ‘softie’. It’s so entertaining watching him argue with Baloo and Mowgli because it’s all in vain. Sure, he’s quite the pessimist but he’s not a very negative pessimist if you know what I mean- he’s Bagheera.

Bambi, Bambi

Surprisingly, not a lot of people have watched Bambi. Sure, it’s quite old and I don’t think it has any modern versions because it’s a short film but it’s definitely not an animation to miss if you’re a die-hard Disney fan. Bambi’s plot is really eye-opening and the character symbolizes the circle of life. Bambi is a very soft-hearted character that pulls at my heartstrings because his sensitivity is demonstrated in it’s raw form, which perfectly puts nature in the better light throughout the main conflict of Man versus Nature. Bambi’s a gem and his story ought to be heard.

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