The Corona Virus Lockdown–For or Against?

The Corona Virus is not a stranger to any of us at this point and has led to over 2,000,000 confirmed cases and over 200,000 deaths globally. The pandemic has forced governments to set up curfews and enforce lockdowns, resulting in a temporary pause in business activity, which has created a sudden recession in the world’s economy.

At first, most people complied with the lockdown rules out of fear and worry but recently, there has been a rise in protests against the lockdown, especially in the United States. Videos with nurses in scrubs can be seen blocking the roads, refusing to move, while the anti-lockdown population screams their own concerns about wanting to get back to work to support their families. In fact, some people are even claiming that the Corona Virus is a lie/some propaganda created by the governments.

Summary of the Main Arguments


  • The virus is a serious issue and has lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths.
  • Human contact is a danger to everyone as some cases of the virus don’t even have visible symptoms.
  • Going against the lockdown will only lead to a greater spread of the virus, which will inevitably result in a much longer and heavily enforced lockdown.
  • Doctors and nurses are already working over-time to help keep the pandemic at bay and a lockdown will help reduce the number of Corona Virus patients.


  • Families need to earn in order to pay for their food, expenses etc.
  • Forcing a lockdown goes against people’s basic right to freedom and other rights, such as: the right to work.
  • (This is not a direct argument against the lockdown) Doctors should not just be concerned with Corona Virus cases as there are many other fatal diseases, such as: Cancer.
  • The lockdown will only result in an irreversible economic crisis.

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Personally, I believe that people should remain under lockdown because human contact is just going to prolong the recovery from this virus and is going to lead to more deaths and cases, which is not fair on the medical staff or on the people complying with the lockdown. What do you think? Are you for or against the lockdown?


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