I Travelled through Time and Space in my Sleep

Binge-watching Supergirl definitely got to me. This was one of the weirdest but coolest dreams I’ve had in a while and it all literally started with my blog.

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The Dream

I was scrolling through my blog when I had an epiphany that if I scrolled really fast, I’d suddenly end up travelling through space and time. *Cue my incredulous laughter*. That being said, I ended up in a round spaceship with airplane windows all around and it was basically a second version of my house, except that it was 9 (yes, that’s the figure that was in my head while I was dreaming) years into the future.

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I could even communicate with my family members by moving things around in the spaceship as those objects would then, automatically move around in my original house. The twist here, though, was that whatever I moved or changed had to be from 9 years ago because whatever was different or advanced in the spaceship wouldn’t be in my house. That’s all I really remember, but gosh, travelling through space and time was pretty cool.

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