My 3 Favourite YouTubers as a Non-YouTube Person

I am the type of person that literally only uses YouTube to listen to songs, period. So, when I say that I’ve got a few favourite YouTubers, then there’s definitely something about their videos that have me hooked- I make a very picky audience!

Binging with Babish

I came across this channel because of a blog post I had planned (read that here) and I ended up binge-watching like five more videos just for fun. He’s hilarious and there’s something about his cooking videos that I just love- they’re not like those boring TV shows designated for 40-year-olds (no shade, I swear) which use words that sound foreign to me and last for like three hours (per episode).

P.S. Take a look at his website if you want to try out a few different but tried and tested recipes!

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Elena Taber

I totally recommend this channel if you’re a teenage girl, looking for a down-to-earth, goofy lifestyle vlog because Elena Taber’s totally my current favourite vlogger. She’s hilarious and her vlogs have such a feel-good vibe!

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Taylor R

First of all, oh my gosh, she is so pretty. Secondly, if you’re into beauty and DIY’s but you don’t want to watch a twelve-year-old trying to vlog, this channel is for you. She’s quite an inspiring person and she’s a model, so she vlogs about her business, her journeys and a lot more, which are quite entertaining!

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  1. Naya

    Ajwa!!! I’ll check these out. But you gotta watch Lilly Singh too! She’s hilarious!

    • A

      Ooo ‘superwoman’ yess I used to binge-watch her a lot but these are my current faves! She’s great though, I totally agree!

  2. Shahbano

    If you like a good non traditional cooking show, do check out Sorted food too, those guys are hilarious!

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