Trying out my Nano’s Foolproof Chicken Manchurian Recipe

I call my grandmother from my maternal side my nano, which is an Urdu title. Believe me, her cooking is mean– basically, I end up succumbing to the monster in my stomach (a belief my aunt seems to have) and don’t just help myself to seconds and thirds, but fourths as well. Out of all the delectable dishes she can make (which are a lot, to say the least), her Chicken Manchurian recipe is one of my favourites. I don’t think this is the traditional Chicken Manchurian recipe but it’s a taste I’m familiar with and absolutely love. So, I decided to make it myself- after replaying my grandmother’s voice messages several times, trying to make sure I get all the details right.

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Apart from the cutting of the chicken into small pieces, I prepared the whole dish from scratch myself, including the marinade. This was then served with vegetable fried rice and mashed potatoes! Click here for the mashed potatoes recipe I used. I won’t be linking the recipe for the vegetable-fried rice. Here are a few pictures of the preparations!

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This was the final plate- and I didn’t bother much with taking an aesthetically pleasing picture because I was starving and just wanted to stuff everything down my throat.

P.S. the words ‘final plate’ just reminded me of a TV show I watched on Netflix, called The Final Plate. The show was great and I binge-watched almost all of it in a day and by ‘almost’ I mean that I skipped a few episodes because they were just too lengthy and I wanted to see who won. It was a good show nonetheless.

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The Recipe

Chicken Manchurian Recipe

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