How To Design an Impactful Newsletter for a Blog

For quite a few bloggers, including me, designing a newsletter can be quite challenging, especially since we’re not really selling anything- if your blog is linked to a business that sells, part of the newsletter’s already decided because you can announce new items and create a hype for that… but for the rest of us, the content of the newsletter is just a big, fat question mark. So, what should your newsletter be about?

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Let’s start with the basics.

The ideal newsletter will have an eye-catching cover page, hooking content (which falls in the body) and a back cover page, which could summarize the whole newsletter or feature a cute thank-you note. Those who had subscribed in time for my May 2020 newsletter know exactly what I mean by a cute thank-you note.

Cover Page

There are so many examples of great cover pages all over the internet, so I’d recommend taking a look at several of them and observe what makes them so eye-catching. By doing so, you’ll also get a rough idea about what you’d like your newsletter to look like. This was my newsletter’s cover for May 2020 (below).

Here are a few more ideas!


The content of your newsletter does not have to solely be about your blog but it should be related to the kind of page you have, for example, if you’re the author of a beauty blog, you could include the latest social media makeup trends or talk about your favourite celebrity makeup looks etc. Here are a few ideas about what you could have in the body of your newsletter:

  • A funny comic
  • A short puzzle. An example would be a sudoku puzzle.
  • Sneak-peaks of a few blog posts you’ll be writing soon.
  • A collaboration with a few pages. This could be a cute quiz that the blog pages would have to solve or you could write a poem with them etc.
  • Your opinion on the latest trends.
  • Life hacks that you’ve tried recently.
  • A review on a new product you purchased.
  • A day in your life.
  • What’s new on your blog.
  • Any milestones you’ve reached recently.

Make sure to include images, stickers and colours to make the pages eye-catching!

Back Cover Page

This isn’t absolutely vital but I’d definitely recommend having a page that wraps up the whole newsletter, so that it doesn’t end on an abrupt note. You could write a sweet thank-you note to the people you’ve collaborated with or the audience that’s been constantly engaging and supportive. The back cover page could have the same layout/design as the (front) cover page, which could include a short note by the author and a signature or anything else, for example ‘more coming soon, stay tuned’ etc. Like I said initially though, this isn’t absolutely necessary so you don’t need to have a full page dedicated to a conclusive note. Instead, you could drop a short line underneath the last page, which wraps up the whole newsletter.

Hope you found this post useful!

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  1. Omg I never realised how professional it needs to be! I’ll definitely try and get mine up to those standards! What website do you use to make the newsletter???

    • A

      I’ll be revealing that soon!! It’ll be in the how to design a cover page blog post!

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