Decluttering my Laptop + Honest Acer Review

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, decluttering isn’t only meant for the physical space around you, it also means your virtual space. I don’t really play any games on my laptop because it’s equivalent to crap (excuse my brutal honesty), so if I do want to play any game, my laptop will literally die. I’ve already had a really bad experience with Acer before but I assumed that that was because I had downloaded Minecraft and Roblox on my laptop (I’m a total nerd, I know) but apparently, that wasn’t the case. My laptop isn’t too bad at the moment but it does lag quite a lot because of the software I’ve got on it, including Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Lightworks etc. I’ll be purchasing a much better laptop brand whenever the Corona Virus decides to chill a bit and hopefully, it won’t be as disappointing. Sorry, Acer, you genuinely ruined my experience. I’m really not a bitter person and I always give the appreciation wherever it’s due but I’ve been truly let down twice with different laptop models, which sucks because I didn’t really go for any cheap ones. Especially for running my blog and the assignments I get from school, I need a laptop that won’t be an obstacle but a medium for efficiency. So, for all three aspects (work, school and leisure) Acer really let me down.

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Okay… Enough with that Rambling and Negativity

As I was saying, decluttering your virtual space is quite important because it definitely influences your attitude (according to my experience) when using your gadget. A decluttered virtual space definitely makes me feel calmer and more content whenever I’m using my laptop because everything feels really neat and in the right place, so working gets so much more efficient. Before decluttering, my laptop was a mess- the desktop was almost as messy as my hair, there were random files in every folder and it was just wrong, which really annoyed me all the time, especially since I practically do everything on my laptop and use it 24/7. So, I finally took some time out to declutter every-single-thing on my laptop and decided to do a blog post on it!

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The following pictures have been blurred for the sake of privacy.

Before Pictures

After Pictures

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Just by the way

The desktop background picture in the before picture was taken by me in Turkey, which you can take a look at here (in my 2020 Trip to Turkey blog series), while the one in the after picture was taken from the Internet.

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  1. Naya

    Oh gosh I literally just organised my study and work desktop folders yesterday too! Are we like twins or something?

  2. I can’t wait to get my own laptop. For now my files are scattered across three different computers. Only my book is on a drive so I can take it from computer to computer. XD

    • A

      My laptop broke, so I totally get you right now. P.S. When you do get your own laptop, do NOT get Acer. Now, I’m saving up for something better- I’d rather get a more expensive laptop that will last long otherwise it’s just a lot of expenditure getting an okay one repaired or tweaked.

    • A

      Also, itd be great if u could take a look at ur email inbox 🙂

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