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Due to the situation the whole world’s stuck in, online shopping has taken over pretty much everything. We should definitely be grateful that we’re in the current era because if we weren’t as technologically advanced, the quarantine would have been much more difficult (in terms of shopping etc.) and traumatic (in the sense that we wouldn’t be able to get in touch with loved ones and would have zero social contact).

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Negative Apparel

For Eid (an Islamic celebration), Negative Apparel has/had this flash sale and I had been eyeing a certain backpack for quite a while, so when I saw it on sale, I knew I just had to get it. So, I ordered it and a shoulder bag as an Eid gift for my BCF (best cousin forever) because it was adorable. A day later, I was window-shopping the same site and when I saw the cutest hair-tie-scarves (I have no idea what they’re called), I decided to add that to the order. So, I contacted Negative Apparel via WhatsApp and requested for both my orders to come together. The responses were quick and everything was handled smoothly, which I’m really glad about. My orders did arrive together just a few hours ago!

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Pictures I took of my Order

The Review

My order arrived within 4 days, which makes me happy, and the quality of everything is evidently at its best. The bags feel and look amazing, while the elastic-band-scarves (still have no idea what they’re called) didn’t disappoint either. There’s just one thing that ticked me slightly and it was that I was expecting the backpack to be bigger in size because when ordering it, I had planned to save it for the upcoming academic year. However, this cannot be blamed on the shop at all because they mentioned the measurements with the item, which I unfortunately did not check. Anyways, I had a great experience over all and it’s made my day! I’m a shopaholic and my shopping experiences have forced my standards quite high, so when I say that this shopping experience was a 10/10, then it definitely was a 10/10.

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A Recommendation

The order confirmation was done via WhatsApp and Negative Apparel expected me to confirm my order within 3 hours or else, it would be cancelled. I’m glad my mother was awake to send the confirmation when the message was received because I snoozed into 6-something pm and would have missed it. I think it’d be great if the order confirmation time could be extended a bit.

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Pictures from the Website

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    Love the hair tie on you! And btw, the website picture of the bag does give the impression of a bigger size 🙂 pictures can be so deceiving, right!? It sure is cute, though. P.S your BCF is so lucky!

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      it does doesn’t it! I thought it was only me.. and haha she totally is 😛

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