Sufi Kalaam I Adore

Important Note

The following blog post is religious (Islamic) in nature and any sort of disrespect will 100% not be tolerated. Also, religious names have not been mentioned below simply out of respect.


The featured picture was taken from Pinterest and is of a whirling dervish- to read more about this click here or here. Sufism can simply be defined as Islamic Mysticism, and the religious practitioners of Sufism are called Sufis. A Wali (which literally means friend or in this case, friend of God) is seen as the leader of a group of Sufis, who has a spiritual connection to the beloved last Prophet of Islam (the epicentre of all devotion). Sufism isn’t bound to any worldly location, language or sectarian division (though it is most commonly associated with Sunni Muslims) as the message it spreads revolves around oneness and utmost adoration for God and the Prophet (peace be upon him). Also, the word Kalaam (in the title) has been used to substitute the word music because it’s more respectful since the following are not songs but sayings that are very spiritual and religious in nature.

Sources (used for preciseness)

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