5 TV Show and Movie Soundtracks that Make me Nostalgic

Go! Live Your Way

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Alexa and Katie (This is the theme song and I adore it)

Moana (Honestly, I’m so much more attached to this song than the mainstream ‘How Far I’ll Go’. Also, I literally watched this movie 4 days in a row a couple of weeks back because Disney is life)

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Frozen 1 (I know that this isn’t a song but the intro music always gets me)

Beauty and the Beast (I remember singing along to this years ago- this has always been my favourite Disney production and that’s saying a lot because I love all Disney productions)

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What soundtracks make you emotional or nostalgic?

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  1. anaya sikandar

    One soundtrack that makes me really emotional is ‘circle of life’ from the Lion King.

    • A

      Hakuna Matata’s my fave though

  2. A

    omg I love a whole new world! Aladdin, right?

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