8-Week Summer Glow Up Plan (+ Summer Shred Challenge without Weights)

The Formalities

First of all, you know yourself better than I would or anyone else (that isn’t a doctor, for that matter), so if you feel like there’s a point here that would not suit your body or physical health etc. do not force yourself to do it. Sure, push yourself and get out of your comfort zone but don’t do it at the expense of your health. Now, let’s move on.

I’ve customized this plan with experience and tips I’ve gained/learnt as well as loads of reviews, YouTube videos and blog posts on the Internet. This means that the following plan is guaranteed to bring you results- they may vary but you’ll definitely see a change if you follow this plan religiously.

I’ll be following this plan from the 7th of July to the 1st of September (hopefully). It’s best if you start this soon because summer break is going to end (regardless of whether the Corona Virus will). However, if you don’t have school or college to (not) look forward to, then, by all means, take this challenge up whenever you feel like you can. The time frame is quite lengthy but that’s simply because you’re going to want to inculcate these steps into your routines. After all, temporary changes lead to temporary results. Now, you may proceed to the plan. Good luck!

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Skin + Hygiene

  • Homemade face mask x2 a week (with natural ingredients)
  • Cleanse face before sleeping
  • Moisturize daily
  • Apply rose water as a face mist before applying makeup
  • Apply olive oil on eyelashes before sleeping
  • Brush your teeth 3 times a day
  • 5-minute shower every day (preferably in the morning with cold water to help freshen up)
  • ‘Proper’ shower/bath once every week (elaborated below)

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The Proper Shower

  • Oil your hair at least 45 minutes before the shower
  • Exfoliate, scrub and cleanse skin
  • Hair removal
  • Facial (includes a cleanser, massage cream, scrub, mask, moisturizer)
  • Homemade body cleanser (with natural ingredients)
  • Scalp Scrub
  • Manicure and pedicure

For recipes and ideas (homemade masks, scalp scrubs and cleansers etc.), click here.


I cannot stress upon this enough- do what is best for your health. There’s a reason why I haven’t planned full-fledged meals here because everyone’s bodies have different needs that need to be catered to. If there is something here that you’re unsure of or know that it won’t suit you, either don’t do it or consult a specialist beforehand. Health first, always.

  • Eat fruits every day
  • Green tea/ any detox tea before bed
  • Boiled egg + banana (or any fruit) + milkshake for breakfast (or just any healthy breakfast)
  • Minimum of 1.5 litres of water daily
  • Limit junk food to Sundays only
  • Eat only when hungry (this does not mean starve yourself because starving yourself backfires when you eat a lot after a long period of not eating- your body ends up holding onto every calorie due to its needs. What I mean to say is that try to minimise unnecessary snacking and if you really want to munch on something, make sure it’s healthy)


  • Wake up by maximum 9:30 am on days other than Sunday
  • Reserve Sundays for sleeping in, eating junk food, lazy-ing around all day etc.
  • Read a few pages of a book daily (preferably something informative, for example, The Success Principles)
  • Get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep daily
  • Take breaks from screentime throughout the day
  • Meditate in the morning (even if it’s for 5 minutes)

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Workout (edited)

I created a full-fledged 8-Week Workout Plan for this post, and you’re more than welcome to follow it.

For more workouts, click here.


Lol, I’m the type of person that either looks homeless or looks like they just got off the red carpet (Yes, I flatter myself a lot) but for the most part, I look quite untidy because I don’t put a lot of time or effort into my appearance. My hair is usually quite the mess and I practically live in sweatpants and oversized T-Shirts from the men’s section, so it’s safe to say that this part of the plan is necessary for my ‘glow up’. I’m probably the worst person to be giving this advice but appearances matter a lot- especially if you’re getting into College and need to make really good first impressions (like me).

  • Brush your hair twice every day (after waking up and before sleeping)
  • Apply a lip gloss and moisturizer (if you don’t want to apply a full-fledged makeup look on yourself every day, which is something I would not recommend on behalf of your skin)
  • Wear outfits that compliment you and look neat and tidy (they don’t have to be fancy)
  • Style your hair differently once in a while
  • Perfumes or body mists are a must (even deodorants if they suit you because I know some people who get horrible rashes. I would not recommend applying deodorant every day but it’s something to consider if you’re going out)
  • Apply makeup once in a while (I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, feel free to apply makeup whenever you want to but do give your skin a break often, and make sure that you cleanse properly after removing it)

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