8-Week Workout Plan (Guaranteed Results)

Disclaimer: This workout routine is not a substitute for professional advice.

I designed this workout plan for myself as a continuation of my 8-Week Summer Glow-Up Plan. I can completely guarantee that you’ll see positive results after the 8 weeks have passed because these workout routines have been compiled based on experience, professional advice (my previous gym trainer), workout videos and online reviews. You are more than welcome to follow this plan but keep in mind that this is best-suited for ‘intermediates’ and not beginners; by intermediates, I mean those who workout occasionally but not consistently at expert levels. If you’re new to working out or if you haven’t worked out in months, I’d recommend starting off slow because otherwise, you may hurt yourself or pull a muscle etc.

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Remember, don’t force yourself to the extent that it hurts your physical health- getting out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself is great but never at the expense of your health. Also, Sundays are break days, so by ‘week’, I mean Monday-to-Saturday.

Week 1

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Week 2

Week 3

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Week 4

Week 5

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Week 6

Week 7

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Week 8

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