How I Bought the 2020 MacBook Air (+ AirPods and Other Accessories)

Being a 16-year-old without a source of income that isn’t my monthly PM (Pocket Money) made buying a MacBook and other Apple accessories quite difficult; I tried everything from creating a Fiverr account to monetising my blog but unfortunately, I didn’t quite hit the mark even after adding literally all of my life’s savings. I really needed a new laptop because my old one was hopeless (click here to read my review on the brand, Acer) and at first, I was content with buying a good HP laptop. However, after lots of persuading from my BCF (Best Cousin Forever), I came to the conclusion (more like was pushed to the conclusion) that if my new laptop wasn’t going to be a MacBook… I couldn’t even complete that thought because I knew that if I was going to get a new laptop, it was going to be a MacBook.

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Yes, I may sound spoilt but let me break it to you, I’m going to college and I do graphic designing, I run a blog and have several other pending projects for which I need a good laptop. If I bought a similar laptop to my old one, I know that I’d have to buy another one within barely 2-ish years, making it a waste of money. So, I decided that it was better if I invested heavily once in a new laptop that would last a minimum of 4 years. Plus, the MacBook Air in the colour gold is gorgeous.

I realised that I’d have to save up for a couple of months before I was able to buy a MacBook and I was content with that- sure, my laptop was literally broken (I mean the screen was coming off and it was insane) but I didn’t mind because it was still working and I didn’t really have to take it anywhere (for example: school).

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*Fast Forward to the Next Month*

Unfortunately, I had miscalculated and knew that I just couldn’t get a MacBook with my own money and I had to ask my dad to help me out. To be honest, at first, I wanted to save up and pay for it completely by myself because it’d be a huge accomplishment but I had to face the facts. So, my dad and I decided that I’d use all the money I had and he’d pay the remainder of the amount. However, we didn’t buy it right then and there because of the Corona Virus- I wanted it to be bought in-person.

*Fast Forward to the Month after that*

I had just completed my O-Levels (grade 9-11) and my CAIE (Cambridge something International Examination) results were going to be announced soon and one of my super cool aunts gave me the perfect idea. I was expecting to get a scholarship for my AS Level (grade 12- basically the first year of college) but it all depended on what grades I got (I needed 8 As or more to get 100%) and so, the ultimate deal was made. If I got a 100% scholarship for my AS Level, my dad would gift me the MacBook and the accessories I wanted.

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Long Story Short

I got 9A*s and 2As, which I’m so proud of and grateful for because it’s an outstanding result, meaning that I qualified for a 100% scholarship! I can honestly say that I worked really hard to get this result and sure, there were times when I felt lazy and procrastinated but I always had my head in the game (for the most part *sheepish smile*).

The Purchased Items

  • 2020 MacBook Air in gold (base model)
  • USB-C to USB-A adapter
  • Clear hardshell
  • Dark pink laptop bag
  • AirPods-1
  • Microsoft Office 365 (personal)

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My O-Level Subjects with their Grades (for those of you wondering)

  1. Pakistan Studies: A*
  2. Islamiyat: A
  3. English Language: A*
  4. Literature in English: A*
  5. Urdu as a Second Language (iGCSE): A*
  6. ICT (iGCSE): A*
  7. Business Studies: A*
  8. Accounting: A*
  9. Sociology: A*
  10. Mathematics (Syllabus D): A
  11. Commerce: A*
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  1. Ooh congrats on the new laptop!! I’ve been thinking about going into Fiverr? Is it worth it??

    • A

      thank you! As for Fiverr, it requires a lot of commitment and patience tbh. However, I’ve seen a lot of ppl get great results- check out a couple of YouTube videos (I found Jared West’s rlly helpful) and then decide if u want to pursue it or not. Everything’s worth a shot!

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