Rebranding The Basic Brown Girl (with GreenGeeks)

Where do I even begin?

Several months (approximately half a year or more) ago, I decided that I wanted to switch to a self-hosted platform for my blog. There were several reasons as to why I wanted to do so, ranging from getting more control over my site to having more liberty to do what I wanted without having to pay more- WordPress hosted plans are quite expensive. After quite a lot of thinking, I pitched the idea to my dad and so, he got in touch with a team of web designers that had designed the family’s online business platforms. It took quite a while (a long while) to decide on the way we were going to proceed and when we did, I wasn’t sure of what I wanted the site to look like.

Fast Forward to a Couple of Months and Countless Sleepless Nights

My site was almost ready and I was super excited because all of my hard work was about to be paid off… and then, the virus attacked. Now, I have no idea what happened but my site suddenly went offline and the team that had designed my website informed me that somehow a virus got installed into my website. Now, the hosting that I was using for my website was connected to my family’s online business platforms, meaning that because of my website, the others were down as well, and long story short, it was just really messy and complicated. So, my dad and I decided that it’d be best if I purchased a separate hosting for my website… and gosh, I was so upset because all my hard work had gone to waste.

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The Dilemma

Honestly, at this point, I was ready to give up on my blog because literally all of my sleepless nights went down the drain and were of no use, and so I weighed the pros and cons and decided that I was officially done. However, after several hours of thinking, I realised that not all of my hard work was useless- my old, WordPress-hosted website was still live and I still had all of my work; all of my hard work would really go down the drain if I gave up. So, after a bit of thinking, I found myself back at square-one; Project: Transfer my Blog to a Self-Hosted Platform.

The Beginning 2

This time, I didn’t have a professional tech team to assist me because I was really upset at how much money I was wasting, and so I decided that I’d do everything myself- myself being a sixteen-year-old girl who took ICT in High School with no prior knowledge of website transferring and all that. However, one thing I did know was that I was going to get this done one way or another and the only help I was going to get (and needed) was God’s.

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Starting from Scratch

First things first, I decided to research on what hosting company would be ideal for me. I had already heard of Bluehost and was going to stick with that until I came across GreenGeeks and the two points that swayed me towards GreenGeeks were that it was slightly less expensive and it used green energy.

Long Story Short

After more sleepless nights, brainstorming, frustrated sighs, headaches and whatnot, I’m finally here! GreenGeeks was super helpful in getting me to where I am right now- I’d be lost otherwise because I really am no tech expert. They migrated my site for free and were super quick in helping me with all sorts of things, ranging from transferring my domain to other technical issues that I just couldn’t wrap my head around. I’m so happy I chose them as my web-hosting providers!

What the Rebranding Stands for

Transferring my website to a self-hosted platform was only part of the rebranding- the brand look was updated, there are campaigns and an online shop coming soon, different blog series were introduced and so much more! This platform isn’t just another WordPress blog anymore, it’s a community. So, welcome to The Basic Brown Girl!

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  1. Hey, there! I’m Shanessa its nice to meet you!! I was noticing that you only have 2 followers. Why? Your blog is super nice!! Would you like me to promote your blog or help you with anything?

    • topicbrowngirl

      Hello! I’ve only got 2 here because I just migrated to a self-hosted platform and for some reason, my previous followers weren’t migrated… but on my sidebar, the count somehow shows as 108, so I’m a bit confused myself haha. Thank you!

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