2021 New Year’s Resolutions + Blog Resolutions


I’m proud of myself to say that I stuck to my last year’s resolutions for the most part, even though I had completely forgotten about the list while the world went under lockdown and 2020 happened. I got around to sticking to a skincare routine, cut off people my mental health didn’t need, discovered the art of photography and much more.

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As for 2021

It took me a week to comprehend that 2020 was over and that 2021 had arrived, and then, it took me another week to come up with a list of resolutions, and then, a couple more days to fight my writer’s block. Hence, the reason why this blog post has arrived this late but it’s 2 days earlier than last year, so *me to myself* not bad.

New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Write and publish a book. I’m not elaborating because this is top secret, haha.
  2. Be more organised. Organisation, here, means a lot of stuff; I need to organise my life and everything in it, including school work, chores, prayers, my sleeping schedule, workout routine, and so on. You get it.
  3. Ace the CAIEs. I’ve got to give half of my exams in the end of the first year of A-Levels and the other half in the second year, and I plan on working super hard for them. *Cue me procrastinating on the couch while stuffing my face with chips*
  4. Be more in touch with current affairs.
  5. Don’t look back. As my good friend, Elsa (from Frozen 1), once said, “The past is in the past.”
  6. Devote more time to religion.

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Blog Resolutions

For the first half of last year, my blog’s activity was at its peak — from traffic to writing, everything was booming. However, I took a couple of months in the second half of the year to completely rebrand my website and move it to a self-hosted platform, which, of course, led to a very long pause on my blog. I faced lots of struggles while going through the rebranding process, and so, when my rebranded website was finally ready, I found myself with none of my previous followers and it was like being back at square-one. With the beginning of 2021, I’ve decided that I’m going put a lot of effort into ‘reviving’ The Basic Brown Girl blog.

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  1. Collaborate with a couple of writers
  2. Create a stronger social media presence
  3. Publish 50 blog posts
  4. Increase audience engagement on my website

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