What MacBook Should you Buy in 2021? + 2020 MacBook Air (Intel Chip) Review

First up, what’s up with me?

Hey readers! If you haven’t noticed already, I’ve been quite irregular and inconsistent with blogging as compared to the previous year because of a hundred-and-three reasons. Since I was enrolled into the AS-Level programme at my school and my writer’s boulder—not block because it lasted for quite a few months, oops—, I didn’t find myself as engaged with my website as I used to be, and it all really went downhill when I lost over 100 readers during the period of rebranding my website. However, I’ve got my head back in the game and don’t plan on giving up on this dream of mine any time soon! Here’s another blog post for you all!

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It’s been approximately 7 months since I’ve had my MacBook Air (2020 base model, Intel version), and I have zero regrets for switching to Apple from my previous Acer and Toshiba laptops. Considering the fact that I use my laptop for everything (since I don’t have a phone yet), my MacBook’s been the most reliable right-hand man I could’ve asked for. It copes well with my gaming (CSGO, Chess, 2048, Among Us), graphic designing (Canva), school work (Gmail, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, research work etc.), and everyday usage (Netflix, YouTube, social media etc.). It does get a bit slow sometimes and I had to delete certain applications (BlueStacks for Among Us, and some others) but that’s a given since I opted for Core i3 (which was such a silly decision but I thought I was saving my dad’s money. I ended up finding out that my dad was perfectly okay with whatever I chose *shaking my head*). It’s definitely a huge upgrade from my previous laptop, though, because that died after just half of the tasks I do now.

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My Recommendation

Disclaimer: This opinion is based on my experience. Make sure you go through different resources/references, and try out the models yourself before making your decision! P.S. I’m not a certified tech expert, so don’t use this source as a substitute for one.

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If you do end up getting the MacBook Air now (the 2020 M1 Chip version), I don’t think you’ll find the slight hindrance I mentioned above because the latest chip is significantly more powerful as compared to the Intel chip. So, if you’re going to be using the MacBook for the same tasks as me (or fewer), the MacBook Air M1 Chip would be perfect for you. However, if you plan on using it for hardcore-as-a-job graphic designing, gaming and video editing, I’d recommend opting for the MacBook Pro, since that is designed for work that requires much more power than everyday tasks.

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