Dua Cards for Kids (Free Printables)

I had been looking for Dua (prayer) cards for my little cousins to print out at the request of my aunt but wasn’t able to find any with the Dua(s) I was looking for, and so, decided to design my own. These cards should be placed/stuck on the wall next to the relevant places, for instance, the Dua card for ‘before entering the washroom’ could be stuck on the wall next to the washroom door, and it’ll be best to laminate them before doing so to preserve the cards. These are especially great for kids because they serve as constant reminders in case the kids can’t recall the Dua(s), but they can be used for people of all ages at home.

Take a look at the previews for each Dua card below, and right at the end, you’ll find the option to download both, a PDF file of the cards and a .PNG zip file (download the latter and extract it either by double-clicking on it or by right-clicking on it and selecting extract). Each image/page is in A4 size and a line has been drawn in the centre to mark where the page should be divided/cut into two halves. You may print these in colour, which is ideal to get the kids’ attention, but they can be printed in black and white, in case you’d like them to go with the house interior.

Dua List (10)

  • Before Sleeping
  • After Waking Up
  • Before Eating
  • After Eating
  • Before Entering the Washroom
  • After Exiting the Washroom
  • Before Drinking Milk
  • Before Changing/Wearing Clothes
  • Before Leaving Home
  • Before/Upon Entering Home
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  1. Naya Masood

    Thanks Ajwi, they are good reminders. And hey, i think due to a technical glitch or something, the dua upon exiting bathroom isn’t coming up fully.

    • topicbrowngirl

      It’s working perfectly fine for me, does it appear like that on the preview or in the downloaded files?

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